The importance of ICT

With the advancement of technology in this modern era, more and more people have come to realize the significance of multimedia. As a matter of fact, many schools have taken the initiative to implement the integration of ICT as part of the school’s curriculum. Now, our main question would be: “ What are the benefits of getting children to be computer-literate as well as getting them be familiar with the use of multimedia?”.

For a start, by using ICT, children are not only able to gain access to various important information but as a matter of fact, they can acquire a number of essential skills such as the ability to interpret/present data with the use of certain software, to allow the exchange of great ideas among themselves, to let them explore, organize and construct their learning in the sense of collaboration.

As for the teachers’ roles on this matter, they too can help the less-motivated ones to gain the necessary skills in this field. Below are some useful tips that can be used to create a positive learning environment of ICT for pupils:

  • Be prepared for the unexpected – In other words, teachers need to prepare themselves for any possibilities and challenges ahead in the course of ICT lessons.
  • Taking consideration of the pupils’ interests – Teachers need to be sensitive and up-to-date with what the children are currently interested in, be it their favourite cartoons, favourite sportsmen, favourite TV shows and so forth.
  • Teaching ICT in the positive manner – In order to get the children to be more willing to learn ICT, they should be allowed to discover the importance of ICT in their own time.
  • ICT should be seen as a learning tool rather than a big challenge – We need to let the children know that ICT is not as complicated as it sounds but instead it is actually a fun and interactive way to learn!

In short, pupils and teachers alike can greatly benefit from the use of ICT and therefore, this art of learning should be improved from time to time.



3 Responses to The importance of ICT

  1. DOMINIC says:


  2. I had been hunting for tips for my very own blog site and uncovered ur blog, “The
    importance of ICT SHBIE eee-Learning Resources”, do you mind if I personally start using some of
    ur tips? Thanks -Marquita

  3. notshbie says:

    Tq. You are mosr welcome to use the contents.

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